Why Use MyTime?

Consolidate Your Competitions.
Consolidate Your Competitions.

Simplify the way you run social competitions by having everything in the one place. Your audience, influencer partnerships, data and reporting all accessible and trackable on a single platform.

Do less work for a higher return.

Post your creative branded competition with your choice of giveaway and let the user-generated content do the talking. Sit back while you get unlimited brand exposure with minimal leg work.

Have creative freedom & full control.

No more restrictions on who to partner with, how to run your competitions or how many to run at once! Be as creative as you want to be with your competition and prize and let the user’s imagination run free.

How Does it Work?

Create Your Homepage

Follow the link, register your business and create your MyTime homepage. This will become home to all the data, insights and followers you’ll ever need for your social media campaigns.

Post Your Competition

Post your most creative social competition and harness the power of both your current followers, and the endless number of those just waiting for the chance to engage with your brand. The possibilities are endless so don’t hold back!

Share, Share, Share

Sharing is your pathway to viral success. Share your MyTime competition on every platform and marketing medium across your business. As the posts roll in and the user votes increase, share your favourite user posts and the organic reach immediately increases; it’s the viral campaign you always hope will happen, only now you’re in the driver’s seat.

The MyTime Difference
No marketing budget necessary. That’s right, it’s free brand promotion! The only cost to your business is the prize you provide.
All the marketing data you’ll need at your fingertips. Receive verified email and social media handles of everyone that posts in your competition.
See real-time ROI and analytics including trends, demographics and engagement on every competition you run.
Unrestricted right to use every post uploaded into your competition for your own social media accounts.
Every person who votes in your competition receives a link to your company website in the MyTime weekly communication.